Neil Gaiman-Neverwhere

Themes Explored:  fantasy, urban fantasy, restlessness, adventure, danger, evil, the underworld, life, romance, action, death, magic, shadows, mysticism, assassins, invisibility, time-travel, angels, fall from grace, power, darkness, legend, fighting, religion, dreams, destiny Summary: Under the streets of London there's a place most people could never even dream of. A city of monsters and saints, murderers … Continue reading Neil Gaiman-Neverwhere


Sarah J Maas-Queen of Shadows

Themes Explored: identity, magic, political power struggles, demon possession, demonic influences, spirit warfare, elves, immortality, flying, romance, friendship, sacrifice, wanderlust, meaning of humanity, survival, self-reliance, self-preservation, fear, hope, regret, memory, forgiveness, adventure, swordplay, sorcery, witch lore, death, revenge, betrayal, assassination, world weariness, loyalty, distrust, wariness, deceit Synopsis: Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from … Continue reading Sarah J Maas-Queen of Shadows

Fantasy versus Science Fiction

I am obsessed with fantasy fiction. This addiction probably arose from childhood. Growing up I wanted to either be a Jedi Knight or a dragon rider. Unfortunately, neither of these fields is currently hiring. I am eternally disappointed. Anyways, it has taken me about three years but I have read three-fifths of my local library’s … Continue reading Fantasy versus Science Fiction

Wendy Webb-The Vanishing

The Vanishing (2014) is author Wendy Webb’s third modern Gothic novel with a supernatural tinge. Like The Tale of Halcyon Crane (2010) and The Fate of Mercy Alban (2013), The Vanishing is about a young woman exploring a mysterious event from the past. Warning: This review contains spoilers Synopsis: The book begins by depicting a … Continue reading Wendy Webb-The Vanishing