Sarah J Maas-Empire of Storms

Themes Explored: fantasy, romance, love, magic, battle, fire, mythology, sacrifice, death, joy, despair, relationships, piracy, evil, prophesies, demons, possession, witchery, illusion, elves, immortality, ancestors, descendants, premonition, deception, shapeshifting, legacy, assassination, training, loyalty Synopsis: The long path to the throne has only just begun for Aelin Galathynius. Loyalties have been broken and bought, friends have been … Continue reading Sarah J Maas-Empire of Storms


Stephen Lawhead-The Bright Empires Series

Reading Order: The Skin Map,Thomas Nelson, 2010, ISBN 9781400316731 The Bone House, Thomas Nelson, 2011, ISBN 9781595548054 The Spirit Well, Thomas Nelson, 2012, ISBN 9781595548061 The Shadow Lamp, Thomas Nelson, 2013, ISBN 9781595548078 The Fatal Tree, Thomas Nelson, 2014, ISBN 9781595548085 Themes Explored: inter-dimensional travel, religion, the end of the world, ancient history, politics, familial … Continue reading Stephen Lawhead-The Bright Empires Series

Robin LaFevers-His Fair Assassin Trilogy

Reading Order: Grave Mercy, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012, 9780547628349 Dark Triumph, Houghton Mifflin Books, 2013, 9780547628387 Mortal Heart, HMH Books for Young Readers, 2014, 9780547628400 Themes Explored: religion, paganism, feminism, self-defense, Christianity, faith, politics, history, mythology, folklore, romance, weaponry, death, redemption, truth, evil, brainwashing Synopsis: His Fair Assassin takes place in 14th century Brittany. Anne … Continue reading Robin LaFevers-His Fair Assassin Trilogy

Rae Carson-Fire and Thorns Trilogy

Reading Order: The Girl of Fire & Thorns, Greenwillow, 2011, 9780062026484 The Crown of Embers, Greenwillow, 2012, 9780062026514 The Bitter Kingdom, Greenwillow, 2013, 9780062026545 Themes Explored: religion, destiny, prophecy, magic, self-acceptance, learning to love oneself, politics, court intrigue, romance, sibling bonding, theology, philosophy Synopsis: Once a century, one person is chosen for greatness. Elisa is … Continue reading Rae Carson-Fire and Thorns Trilogy

Glenda Larke- The Watergivers Trilogy

Reading Order: The Last Stormlord, Orbit, 2009, ISBN 9780316069151 Stormlord Rising, Orbit, 2010, ISBN 9780316069144 Stormlord's Exile, Orbit, 2011, ISBN 9780316069137 Themes Explored: religion, racism, social caste systems, slavery, rape, honor, warrior skills, hunter-gatherer society, magic, loyalty, economics, politics, romance, prostitution, murder, environmentalism, climate control Synopsis: Quartern is a land with little water. All moisture … Continue reading Glenda Larke- The Watergivers Trilogy

Jennifer A Nielsen-The Ascendance Trilogy

Reading Order: The False Prince, Scholastic, 2013, ISBN 9780545284141 The Runaway King, Scholastic, 2014, ISBN 9780545284165 The Shadow Throne, Scholastic, 2014, ISBN 9780545284172 Themes Explored: loyalty, family, royalty, sarcasm, honor, politics, hatred, murder, ingenuity, romance, pirate code, burden of authority, finding oneself, torture Synopsis: The Ascendance Trilogy is a trio of juvenile fantasy books. Carthya is a … Continue reading Jennifer A Nielsen-The Ascendance Trilogy

Fiona McIntosh-The Quickening Trilogy

Fantasy books seem to fall into three categories: overrated, underrated, and completely ignored. I have read some excellent fantasy books only to find out that a lot of people have never heard of them. So today I am reviewing a trilogy I consider to be an excellent underrated fantasy adventure.  Reading Order: Myrren's Gift, Voyager … Continue reading Fiona McIntosh-The Quickening Trilogy

Sarah J Maas-The Throne of Glass Series

This is a review of the Throne of Glass Series  by Sarah J Maas. This is a spoiler free review. Themes Explored: self-sufficiency, independence, self-reliance, rising above unforeseeable challenges, magic, folklore, weaponry, assassinations, justice, politics, conspiracies, romance, love, heart break, destiny, loyalty, treachery, friendship Reading Order: Throne of Glass, Bloomsbury, 2013, ISBN 9781619630345 Assassin’s Blade: Novellas, Bloomsbury, … Continue reading Sarah J Maas-The Throne of Glass Series

Top 5 Children’s Book Series

Book series appropriate for children between 8-14 years old. The Chronicles of Narnia-C.S. Lewis This was one of the first adventure/fantasy series my parents let me read. Follow the adventures of Peter, Edmund, Lucy, and Susan as they explore the mystical realm of Narnia. Along the way they encounter talking animals, evil witches, enchanted islands, … Continue reading Top 5 Children’s Book Series

Top 5 Young Adult Fantasy Series

Throne of Glass-Sarah Maas If Cinderella were an assassin, she would be Celaena Sardothien. This series follows 18 year old Celaena as she maneuvers through the high court of Endovier.  Celaena finds herself in this situation after Prince Dorian rescues her from a life of hard labor in the salt mines. However, in return for … Continue reading Top 5 Young Adult Fantasy Series