Dear Student Loans. I Hate You.

Dear Student Loans,

I hate you.

Every month the majority of my paycheck goes toward paying of a college experience that I do not think was worth the diploma. I have an expensive fire starter decorated with my name and fancy Latin script no one in my graduating class could read.

Thanks to a decision I made at 18, I now spend all my free time thinking about debt and how to repay it off as quickly as possible. Why does society think giving a bunch of eighteen year-olds thousands of dollars of debt is a good idea? Outside of a few people, who really knows what profession they want to spend the rest of their lives pursuing?

You know what an undergraduate degree prepares you for, graduate school.

I worked all through college because I could not afford to have a negative income. In addition, I was just a little too “rich” to qualify as poor.  If I wanted to go on school-sponsored field trips, conferences, eat off-campus occasionally, or go to an off-campus event, I had to work. Even over the summer and breaks. Naturally, I could not afford to work unpaid internships like many of my peers, which really hurt on the job market. It seems most employers prefer students with a bunch of internships than someone who held down a job while in school full time and never missed a deadline (professionally or academically).

One summer I held down a full time (paid) internship, three part-time jobs, and passed two graduate level classes with A’s. That summer sucked, but I time managed my way through multiple obligations. Not that anyone seems to finds that impressive. The guy I dated that summer complained about his “busy” schedule. He worked one full-time job and dropped out of a fully funded master’s program. Yet, he was the “busy” one. That relationship did not last long. Shocking I know. 

Do not get me wrong, I am on track to pay off my loans. I decided against stretching them out to the maximum twenty-year repayment schedule. I would rather suffer now than have these stupid payments hanging over my head for most of my adult life. However, the payments still sting every month. This experience definitely put me off borrowing money in any form. It just is not worth the pain.

Anyways, to my student loans, I hate you. Once I pay you off, we are never ever getting back together.



P.S. I know this has nothing to do with books or movies, but I felt the need to rant.

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